About Us

Hi everyone,

Welcome to this about page of this site and thank you to visit my site and support me for the long time

Cooking is my biggest hobby and it is the field that my passion to learn and my creativity is never come to the end. So that, I was create that site with the hope that I can share my knowledge in this field of live to other people. As you all know that in the term of cooking, there are a lot of different things you have to pay attention to.

First one is the skills and technique to work with the equipments and stuff in the kitchen, you know, in the modern life, it is not only about the knife control skill, or the experience to work with fire and heat.

Secondly, you also need to learn and know about other cooking technique and cuisine around the world with various types of cooking methods, the way to work with different ingredients to help you to control and adjust the taste, combine with others to create your own dishes.

Last but not least, it is about the machine and electric equipments in the kitchen, which can help you a lot to reduce the cooking time and make the cooking process more interesting. You need to know the differences about the traditional oven and the electric one to make sure that you can control the heat and quality of your food.

On this site, kitchenaim.com, I want to share with you all my knowledge, tips and tricks I have learn during all the time I spend on cooking and learning about the ingredient characteristics, and of course, my recipes to help you to cook not only the best food but also list out the the best menu for different occasion for you to make the work easier.

Recipes will be the biggest part and most common topic on this site and I because there are a lot of food and new dishes, I will try my best to classify them into different groups for you to help you can find them easy and use them to make the best food for your family.

And with the last words, I want to express my appreciate for your supports and motivation for the long time and honestly, it is the biggest reason and motivation for me to keep working and continuing to share posts in the future. Thank you a lot.