Edna Oneal

Hi, I am Edna Oneal, a professional chef, and a full-time mom. Here at Kitchen Aim, I provide a variety of recipes, cooking tips, and unbiased reviews of products that I use.

How to Fillet a Trout

Before cooking, it’s important to cut trout fillet nicely. Here is how to fillet a trout? From lake trout & brown trout to rainbow trout.

how to fillet a trout

How to Fillet a Fish 

Catching fish and not knowing how to fillet a fish is a tricky situation. Here we’ll present how to cut fish fillet, debone, and a skin fish

filleting a fish

 How To Clean a Fish

Cleaning is a very important part before cooking a fish. Here we will discuss how to clean a fish, descale, and gutting fish correctly

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