Kitchen Basics of Cooking

Whether you are a struggling mother tired of too much take-out, a young wife who wants to impress her husband by learning how to cook, an eager person who loves to eat homemade food but does not know where to start, or simply someone who wants to know the very basic of cooking, you ought to know the essentials of cooking first.

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Every starting cook must know the very basic. Sure, we all want to impress our neighbours during parties with our exquisite desserts, we all want to let our husbands or wives tell us how good we are at making the perfect turkey for dinner, we all want to be like all those amazing chefs on television. Truly, watching the pro chefs makes us want to buy all the utensils for the kitchen in a heartbeat. They all make it look so easy, but that does not end there. Cooking does not only mean a complete set of knives and pans to go with. It also needs skills and the passion to learn. Don’t fret, for with constant practice and enthusiasm, those skills will eventually come out if you know the basics. In reaching a great level of cookery, take a look at these basic skills; this is for you to know where to exactly start.


When you want to start learning how to cook, you must know how to hold and use a knife. A cook without knife skills is a total disaster and a joke. In order for you to become a genuine cook, start cutting whole vegetables instead of having them in a pre-cut fashion. There is so much difference in a lot of aspects. You can feel and start appreciating the difference once you start to take a bite. Surely, the texture of the vegetables and the flavour will be so much better. Also, vegetables that are not pre-cut are much cheaper. If you have no idea on how to start using a knife like a pro, you can certainly learn a lot of amazing skills just by hooking with the internet alone. You can even join classes if you have the time.

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Sautéing is one of the very basic techniques in cooking. Sautéing is simply to fry any ingredient in a little amount of oil on a large pan over high heat without overcrowding them. This is an important process when you cook because this allows the food to soften and turn into that wonderful golden or brownish color. Also, sautéing is a great way to enhance and bring out all of your ingredient’s flavors into a lovely medley of complimenting taste. You will know if you are doing it right if the outcome makes your taste buds happy.


Mixing two things that are not meant to be together will result to a mad clash, but that’s not how emulsifying works. Emulsifying is a cooking skill in which you mix liquids that refuses to be combined, but you still do it anyway. It is important that you mix certain kinds of liquid. You wound not want to eat a salad with vinegar, oil, and other liquids being separated as a dressing. Emulsifying does not need a complex process. All you need to do is just whisk them together.

Temperature Checking

It is important for a starter to be aware of the temperature during cooking. When you cook, don’t turn the heat way too high or way too low. For every recipe that you follow, keep check of the suggested temperature that is needed to be able to achieve the perfect outcome. If you really want to be specific, using a cooking thermometer will really help. It reads and tells you the temperature accurately. Thus, undercooking and burning of your food will be unlikely.

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Blanching and Shocking

This is a great technique to keep your vegetables in a perfect condition. Try eating a soggy, beaten, and limp looking vegetable. Surely, you would want to throw it up. To avoid a vegetable from turning into a disaster, use blanching and shocking. To blanch is to simply toss your vegetables in boiling water for just a minute or a second. The harder the vegetables, the longer you submerge them in the water. When blanching is done, you can start shocking the vegetables by plunging them in ice cold water. Shocking stops the cooking and it retains the lovely bright colors of the vegetables.

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