Local or Organic: Which is Healthier

In the recent times, many people have been very conscious of their eating habits. People nowadays are into vegetable and fruits to have a healthier lifestyle. But are we assured that the vegetables and fruits that we are eating are safe for consumption?

In this era, people had invented different chemicals fertilizers to enhance the growth of the crops and pesticides to protect it from pest. Is it possible to have a safe organic diet? Are local products are better than organic product?

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Organic Products

These are products that are nurtured without using chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides. People would refer to it as “natural”. Usually, organic products are planted in rural areas because of the good climate and geographical location.

The Good Thing About Organics

Many chefs and restaurant owners prefer organic products because they taste better and richer compared to vegetables and fruits that were enhanced by chemicals.

Often times, organic products are harvested before they are fully ripe, so that when they arrived in city centers, they are already ready to be sold in farmers’ market and local markets. Pest control and crop nutrients are handled naturally by the producers.

To be an organic producer, there is a need to follow the strict laws set by the government to ensure that the organic products are chemical-free. Organic producers must have a USDA  approval.This is to ensure products are free from synthetic pesticides, genetically modified organisms(GMO) are used and growth enhancers.

For organic meat, livestock and dairy products, producers must present non-GMO livestocks with an access to check visit the livestock for the whole year. The USDA approval is both followed both the United States of America and Canada.

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The Downside of Organics

Because organic products are fresh and natural, often times they are planted in rural areas. There is a possibility that the area is too far from the city.

It can be expensive because you have to pay for the fuel upon transporting the products from the farm lands going to the city centers. It’s also because processing of the products can be a little tedious and should be meticulously done.

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Local Products

Local products are products that are grown within the locality, or within 400 miles limit from where the products are produced to where the products are being marketed.

For local products, there is no need to get a USDA certification.

The definition of “local” differs from the different perspective of the people. For some farmers, local products are produced within 100 miles between the farm and the restaurant where the products are being marketed. City states also define “local” differently from farmers.

Seasonal and Local

The emergence of technology had it’s fair share of shaping the food industry thru transportation. There are produce that are available through out the year and are exported to different places worldwide.

Many have urged restaurants to not just served the latest trendy dishes in the culinary world but rather to serve locally grown produce that are available in different season.

Organic vs. Local: The healthier one

Some believe that organic produce are healthier because they are nurtured chemical free; however, some study shows that organic foods are no different from its counterpart.

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Some studies show that locally grown produce are healthier. They said products that are hand picked and harvested at the right time are more healthier compared to produce that are harvested before they are fully ripe.

Both organic produce and local produced are actually healthy. It doesn’t matter if they are cultured in a different way, both of them are good for the body.


There isn’t a need to argue which of the produce is healthier. Both of them are good for the body.

Though organic produce are more or less expensive than the local produce but they have the same nutrient content with its local counterpart. The older generation urged the chefs and restaurant owners to serve local produce and not just follow the trend in the culinary industry.

Through this, it might start a new era of culinary cooking.

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