10 Best Fillet Knife 2023 | Fish Filleting Knives Reviews

best fish fillet knives

Fish fillet knives can separate bones and meat even more swiftly than you think. And instead of filleting with a kitchen knife, use the best fillet knife for fishing to make beautiful freshly cut fish fillets.

After reviewing tons of filleting knives based on key attributes such as blade sharpness, price, durability, portability, handle grip, expert opinions, and customer satisfaction we have listed the 10 best fillet knives currently present in the market which outperform their competitors in terms of performance and usability.

After analyzing dozens of fillet knives, WUSTHOF Classic Fillet Knife is the best overall fillet knife for every fish. It’s sharp, precise, and durable.
Bubba Li-ion cordless electric fillet knife however is the best electric fillet knife. Bubba is a popular brand of fillet knives and Bubba Li-ion cordless can assist you while filleting every type of fish quite easily. 



WUSTHOF Classic Fillet Knife
  • Sharp-edged and high-quality Stainless Steel fillet knife, best for professional use
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Bubba Li-ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife
  • Powerful Cordless electric fillet knife with four serrated blades made for different tasks
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 Bubba Tapered Flex Fillet Knife - Overall Best Fillet Knife

Bubba Tapered Flex Fillet Knife
  • A very sharp and precise knife that is flexible and stiff, with best grip
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DALSTRONG Fillet Knife - Gladiator Series - Best Durable

DALSTRONG Fillet Knife – Gladiator Series
  • Extremely durable German steel blade fish fillet knife with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.
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Zwilling J. A. Henckels Fillet Knife
  • Sharp Germany built high carbon Stainless Steel filleting knife with a lifetime warranty.
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KastKing Fillet Knife - Best Under $50

KastKing Fillet Knife
  • Premium German G4116 steel knife in very impressive affordable rates
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Rapala Fish n Fillet Knife - Best Under Budget

Rapala Fish n Fillet Knife
  • A very affordable Stainless Steel filleting knife and sharpener deal
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Rapala Electric Fillet Knife - Best For Cutting Bones

Rapala Electric Fillet Knife
  • Heavy-duty and quick operation electric filleting knife with two serrated blades
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DALSTRONG Fillet Knife - Shogun Series- Best For Deboning Fish

DALSTRONG fillet knife – Shogun Series
  • Premium Japanese fillet knife with a lifetime warranty, best for deboning purposes
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Calamus Fishing Fillet Knife - Best Portable Knife Under 20$

Calamus Fishing Fillet Knife
  • An affordable German steel knife with anti-rust Teflon coating for smooth filleting 
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10 Best Fillet Knife – Reviews

Now detailed fillet knife reviews of the best fillet knives for fish:

1. Bubba Tapered Flex Fillet Knife – Overall Best Fillet Knife

 Bubba Tapered Flex Fillet Knife - Overall Best Fillet Knife


  • Blade Size: 7 inches
  • Blade Sheath: Present


Bubba fillet knife is the best-rated fillet knife. It has a razor-sharp and extra pointed tip to start filleting and cutting in a breeze. The full tang constructed blade is very fine high carbon Stainless Steel. Be worry-free about the blade rusting because the titanium nitride coating has already sorted this for you. 

The length of the ergonomic handle is 6 inches, which is unusually longer than other fillet knives. The trigger guard and long handle give enough space for a non-slip, comfortable, and cut-proof hand posture. The blade is flexible and stiff in nature and performs according to the tasks. The flexibility of the Bubba filleting knife allows flawless skinning of any size of fish. The stiffness assists in deboning, making it the best fillet knife for cleaning fish. 

With the help of a very sharp-angled blade, you can clean and fillet lots of fish, including trout, catfish, steelhead, muskie, and many others. And certainly, it holds the edge even after filleting countless fish in one go. Clean the knife with absolute attention and store it in the storage sheath that comes with the knife. You can also use this sheath to carry the knife with the hook when traveling or fishing. 


  • The high carbon blade with a needle-like pointed tip ensures precise cuts
  • The stiff blade makes deboning fish an easy peasy task
  • Excellent grip
  • Ti-nitride coating for more extended durability 


  • The sheath doesn’t fit the knife blade perfectly 

2. Bubba Li-ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife – Best Electric

Bubba Li-ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife - Best Electric


  • Blade Size: 7,9, and 12 inches
  • Blade Sheath: Present 


Bubba electric fillet knife is a versatile electric filleting knife you can have in your kitchen. It comes with four Stainless Steel serrated blades. The two flexible blades of 7 and 9 inches will be the best choice for skinning any fish, no matter small or big. In contrast, the other two 9 and 12 inches’ blades are stiff and are meant for deboning, which consequently makes it the best knife for cutting bones.

The Bubba takes care of its customer’s needs and safety. And above all, it has an 8.5 inches extra-long non-slip handle with a safety guard for your dominating finger or thumb. The Lithium-ion batteries of the best electric fish filleting knife have excellent battery life with a charging life detecting LED on the handle. With its incredibly sharp blades and fully charged batteries, Bubba Li-ion is the best fillet knife for meat. It can fillet hundreds of fish in one go only if you don’t get tired. 

The Ti-nitride-coated serrated blades run faster than you can imagine. Bubba electric is one of the best fillet knives as it can fillet all fish including tuna, barracudas, and catfish, and the best fillet knife for crappie.

Moreover, it uses only one Li-ion battery at a time. However, we suggest charging both batteries with the power cord and keeping the extra battery with you as a backup. After that, you can take the Bubba electric knife on a fishing trip for hassle-free deboning and filleting fish. Store the knife and blades in a safe and easy-to-carry case for storage and transport. 


  • Rust-free blades 
  • Cordless electric knife
  • Exceptionally long battery life
  • Saves plenty of time filleting fish and meat
  • Great value for money


  • The handle might feel big to manual fillet knife users
  • Removing blades for cleaning up can be a little tricky initially

3. WUSTHOF Classic Fillet Knife – Best Premium

WUSTHOF Classic Fillet Knife - Best Premium


  • Blade Size: 7 inches 
  • Blade Sheath: Absent


The WUSTHOF classic is the best professional fillet knife with stainless steel complete tang blade construction. The premium blade is corrosion-free and can effortlessly cut and fillet any medium to large fish. The knife is flexible enough for perfect skinning results and helps you make as many thin slices of meat as you like.

The filleting knife offers an extended 5 inches handle containing a curved finger guard as an increased safety precaution. The handle is synthetic polypropylene which supports a strong grip, and the triple-rivet completely joints the handle with the tang blade. 

You can debone chicken breasts, thighs, and fish fillets with the WUSTHOF classic fillet knife’s most clever and intense blade. Buy inexpensive meat cuts and cut them yourself into expensive, thin slices using this brilliant filleting fish knife. And this way, the knife will pay more than its price by saving dollars every time you use it. 


  • A full tang, rust-resistant knife blade
  • Curved bolster serves as an extended finger guard
  • A very clever and fine fillet knife blade 


  • It doesn’t come with a safety sheath 
  • Heavy on the pocket

4. DALSTRONG Fillet Knife – Gladiator Series – Best Durable

DALSTRONG Fillet Knife - Gladiator Series - Best Durable


  • Blade Size: 7 inches
  • Blade Sheath: 1 for storage, 1 for traveling 


DALSTRONG fillet knife is a superior quality knife with high carbon German steel blade. The combination of flexibility and stiffness in the blade makes it the best filleting knife for amateurs and professionals. The blade has a complete tang construction with ultra-smooth and 16-18o sharpest edge on each side. Extra retention allows the blade to hold the edge for long. 

The 5.6 inches handle a made in Spain Pakkawood, and the triple-rivet handle ensures a firm, comfortable, and thick grip. DALSTRONG has great value for its customer’s money and provides outstanding quality products. The flex of the knife helps separate flesh from the skin and doesn’t let an inch go to waste. The blade’s stiffness encourages effortless deboning of fish, chicken breasts, and thighs. 

DALSTRONG Gladiator series fillet knife is an ideal travel partner because it comes with two different sheaths for traveling and storage. One of them is a polymer sheath that is absolutely BPA-free and fits flawlessly on the blade, and the leather sheath has a hook for hands-free carry. Ensure to wash the knife gently with soapy water and a cloth and do not put it in a dishwasher. The outstanding features coupled with excellent packaging make this best filleting knife & the best gift for professional chefs and fishmongers. And lastly, the lifetime warranty with impeccable customer service undoubtedly seals the fillet knife deal for you. 


  • German steel razor-sharp edge blade with full tang construction for long durability
  • Superior quality handle confirms convenient grip
  • BPA free polymer sheath with another sheath for traveling
  • Lifetime warranty 


  • The knife is on a little pricier side

5. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Fillet Knife – Best Value For Money

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Fillet Knife - Best Value For Money


  • Blade Size: 7 inches
  • Blade Sheath: Absent


Zwilling fillet knife is manufactured in Germany and uses stainless high carbon steel. The blade comes sharp enough right from the box that we think that one can even perform a minor surgery using this (terrible joke, we know). The point is that this knife is very sharp, and we suggest you take all safety precautions and wear a cut-proof glove if you’re a beginner at filleting fish. Zwilling J.A Henckels is the best fillet knife for panfish.

You will be amazed to see how brilliantly the laser-controlled blade cuts and fillets. The blade is sharpened at a 15o angled edge on each side. The precisely smoothened, fine-angle blade is flexible and regains its actual shape like a metal spring. The stainless blade goes all the way through to the end of the handle for longer durability. 

The curved bolster at one end of the 5 inches handle of the Zwilling filleting knife prevents any minor injury. It supports a better and full grip for doubtless fish filleting experience. If provided with proper care, regular honing, and handling, as a result, you will see this best fish knife grow old with you and last forever. This fantastic knife comes with a lifelong warranty; what better can you ask from a fillet knife? 


  • The blade is made in Germany stainless steel
  • 15o ultra-fine blade edge produces very thin and clean cuts
  • Handle with curved bolster for 100% safety
  • Long-lasting knife with a lifetime warranty 


  • Not an ideal deboning knife because of the blade’s flex
  • It doesn’t come with a blade sheath

6. KastKing Fillet Knife – Best Under $50

KastKing Fillet Knife - Best Under $50


  • Blade Size: 9 inches
  • Blade Sheath: Present 


KastKing fillet knife is the most affordable G4116 German steel knife. The German steel blade has 14.5% chromium to keep your knife resistant to rust and stains, which makes it the best fillet knife for saltwater fish. The extra blade sharpness and retention keep the edge razor-sharp without needing to sharpen it again and again. 

The filleting knife is flexible but stiff at the same time. In other words, it is versatile for both tougher and delicate species. The blade’s endurance for complex applications is exceptionally incredible. The hump on the 5.8 inches handle serves as a safeguard, and your hand can never go off the handle even in wet conditions. The safe polymer handle provides a comfortable grip to prevent cold hands. 

Use the KastKing filleting knife for filleting and deboning all sizes of fish because it will show the same wonders on smaller and large fish. And for a higher life expectancy of the knife, properly wash and hone it after and before each use. Don’t forget to cover the knife’s blade with the removable sheath to avoid accidents. The vented design of the sheath will help drain water and air-dry the edge. It is a fantastic knife to keep as a boss in your knife collection. Moreover, the classy packaging makes this knife, a perfect gift for home cooks. 


  • Premium German G4116 steel long blade
  • Chromium is added to the blade to prevent corrosion even in saltwater
  • The vented sheath helps in water drainage and keeps the blade rust-free.
  • 5.8 inches extra-long handle with a safety grip


  • No actual con

7. Rapala Fish n Fillet Knife – Best Under Budget

Rapala Fish n Fillet Knife - Best Under Budget


  • Blade Size: 4 and 6 inches
  • Blade Sheath: Present 


Rapala Fish n fillet knife is durable even beyond our thoughts. The full tang blade construction results in extended longevity that you can inherit the knife to your grandchildren. The incredible fine tip of the blade is sharp as a needle right out of the box. And if for example, after several cuts the edge becomes dull, you don’t need to use any other sharpener because it comes with its single-stage sharpener. It is exceptional in filleting and skinning small fish like perch, trouts, walleye, and many more. 

You can never go wrong with the handle of the Rapala filleting fish knife, as the birch handle is supplied with an expanded hump by the blade. You can do complicated operations without the need to apply a lot of pressure and keep your hand safe. Sharpen it with its small portable sharpener when you feel the need. And hang the knife through the sheath hook in your traveling bag or belt when you go fishing. 

The Rapala fillet knife can be your favorite long-lasting knife only if you take good care of it. It is one of the best fillet knives for walleye. Easy to maintain and needs only proper and regular washing and drying with honing every few days. It is a versatile knife and can be your forever go-to knife for filleting fish, deboning chicken, and even chopping and cutting veggies. To sum up, we suggest you store it in the leather sheath to prevent any accident from its very sharp blade.


  • The full tang Stainless Steel blade prevents rust
  • Extra sharp blade edge knife for clean cuts
  • A very long-lasting filleting knife
  • A budget fillet knife


  • The sharp knife edge can cut through the leather sheath. 

8. Rapala Electric Fillet Knife – Best For Cutting Bones

Rapala Electric Fillet Knife - Best For Cutting Bones


  • Blade Size: Two 7.5 inches blades
  • Blade Sheath: Absent


Rapala electric fillet knife is a 110 Volts heavy-duty knife and therefore, it runs the blades faster than any other electric filleting knife. It comes with two serrated blades and a long power cord. The knife can perform continuous tasks for plenty of hours without getting hot; this fantastic feature helps the knife stand out from other corded electric fillet knives. Rapala knife is the best fillet knife for walleye and can fillet any fish from small freshwater to large saltwater fish such as crappies, walleye, perch, catfish, and even the ones with tougher scales like the redfish. 

It shades all other best fillet knives regarding preciseness and speed of cutting. The electric fillet knife doesn’t leave any saw prints on the meat, and the sharp and pointed blades effortlessly glide through the meat like a hot knife in butter and that’s why the best fillet knife for bluegill. The blades fit in an ergonomic handle that contains the motor. Moreover, there is a safety button on the handle to avoid any sort of accidents during the use. 

Suppose you are a professional fisherman or butcher. In that case, Rapala’s heavy-duty electric knife will help you save a lot of money and time by filleting thousands of fish in a year. However, you have to be very delicate and focused when filleting fish because it can cut right through the ribs in a blink. 


  • Fast-running serrated blades
  • The powerful motor doesn’t get hot
  • Exceptionally durable and precise
  • Trigger button for extra safety of your hand


  • No sheath

9. DALSTRONG Fillet Knife – Shogun Series– Best For Deboning Fish

DALSTRONG Fillet Knife - Shogun Series- Best For Deboning Fish


  • Blade Size: 6 inches
  • Blade Sheath: Present


Dalstrong has a laser focus on what customers want from knives, and as a result their wide range of knives indeed includes one of the best fillet knives. The Shogun filleting fish knife consists of an exceptionally robust, full-tang, triple-rivet flexible blade. The blade is Japanese high carbon Stainless Steel with anti-rust properties. Buy the DALSTRONG knife without any risk because it has a lifetime warranty and moreover, the money-back guarantee (in case of any manufacturing defect) is a cherry on top. 

The blade has the most delicate edge of 8-12o angle on both sides. This ultra-fine edge produces clean and thin fillets, and that too, in time lesser than we can imagine. And it wastes 0% meat when used for skinning. In comparison with other traditional filleting knives, the 2mm thick blade is stiffer which consequently makes deboning fish a hitch-free task. The pure and fine quality of the blade assists in filleting and cutting tough fish and makes it the best Japanese fillet knife for stiff meats. 

The superior shape of the hand-polished handle contributes to an easy and firm grip. No effects of heat on the handle prove it to be long-lasting because its tolerance level towards moisture, heat, and cold is beyond words. If you’re trying to look out for a unique gift for any butcher friend or home chef, the DALSTRONG filleting knife is the one they cannot ignore without praising, as Shogun is the best fillet knife for deer.


  • Premium Japanese high carbon Stainless Steel
  • High-quality, durable filleting fish knife
  • Lifetime warranty with a money-back guarantee 


  • The sheath is a bit loose for the size of the blade

10. Calamus Fishing Fillet Knife – Best Portable Knife Under 20$

Calamus Fishing Fillet Knife - Best Portable Knife Under 20$


  • Blade Size: 7 and 9 inches
  • Blade Sheath: Present


Calamus fish fillet knife has a German G4116 steel blade which is rust-resistant in both salt and freshwater. Furthermore, unlike other Stainless Steel best fillet knives, it has a Teflon coating for easy cleaning, which also serves for the prolonged durability of the filleting knife. The Teflon coating will help slide the blade through the meat in a flash without sticking, resulting in clean and delicate fillets. 

The knife comes with a 5.5 inches long slip-proof handle. The 7-inch blade is best for small to medium-sized fish, and the 9-inch for bigger fish. The rubber handle provides a comfortable and robust grip in dry and wet conditions and has an excellent hold even with fish slime on your hands. The nylon sheath locks onto the knife blade perfectly, meanwhile, the ventilated design makes water draining certain to keep the edge rust-free.

The intense sharpened knife edge makes precise cuts, so avoid cutting yourself while filleting fish. However, the flexible blade also feels firm at the same time. Filleting fish like bass, pompano, and whiting is a straightforward task for the Calamus fishing filleting fish knife. It is ideal for skinning fish and can also be used to fillet chicken breasts and cut hogs. In addition, the lanyard hole in the handle and the lightweight make the knife the best portable fillet knife.


  • German steel with corrosion-resistant Teflon coating
  • The star of the show is the knife’s soft and slip-proof grip. 
  • Portable and very precisely sharpened filleting fish knife
  • The best fillet knife under 20$


  • You often need to hone it

Buying Guide for Best Fish Fillet Knives

You should surely consider the following features before buying a filleting knife:

What is a Fillet Knife? Definition:

“Filleting knives have sharper, thinner, flexible, and mostly curved blades. Their edges ideally are more pointed than other knives for filleting clean and precise cuts.”

Like any other knife, the most significant part of fillet knives is their blade. The unique features of the edge make them different from other knives. Fillet knives are useful for very quickly filleting fish and chicken breasts which can save a lot of time. 

Flexible or Stiff Fillet Knife?

The flexibility and thinness of the edge make a fillet knife an ideal choice for skinning and filleting fish. Whereas, the stiffness makes deboning a simple task. In addition, its lightweight makes it a portable knife to carry when you go fishing. Fish filleting knives come in both manual and electric-powered, and they are exceptional in performing the task for which they are made, that is, filleting.

If you always fillet fish at home, you should definitely try buying a knife from our ten best fish fillet knives shortlisted from a wide range. Certainly, we can assure if you start using it once, there is no way to come back only because of the ease and time reduction it provides in cutting and filleting fish. But, before you buy a knife, we will tell you the features you should look for in a filleting knife.

1. Types of Filleting Knives

There are two types of fillet knives. Electric fillet knives and handheld fillet knives. Both options are explained below.

1.1 Manual/ Kitchen Fillet Knife

A fillet knife is a typical knife with an excellent blade and an extra pointed tip and the edge can be both serrated and straight. The best fillet knife usually comes with a blade sheath to make it safer to carry and store because of the ultra-sharp blade edge. It means, a manual filleting knife is suitable for you if you fillet fish occasionally or regularly but in limited quantity.

1.2 Electric Fillet Knife

An electric fillet knife is an electricity-powered serrated filleting knife. The serrated blades are very sharp with pointy tips. Every best electric fillet knife has removable blades for easy cleaning. These knives can be both corded and cordless and run on batteries; you only need to charge them. The best fish knife like the Bubba li-ion cordless electric fillet knife come with several replaceable blades to help in filleting a variety of fish sizes.

In short, electric fish filleting knives are absolutely flawless when you want to fillet countless fish and are the best partners for professional fishers and chefs. It can fillet lots of fish in only a few minutes and will not let you get tired very quickly.

2. Blade Features

As we already said blade is the most crucial part of fillet knives, and you have to be very sure about the features you need in it. The best fish fillet knife’s qualities you should look for in the blade are:

2.1. Fabrication

You must not want the knife blade rusting, do you? German and Japanese steels are the most popular material for fillet knives. Stainless steel blade coated with a Ti-nitride coating keeps the blade rust and stain-free for its prolonged life. For a long-lasting fillet knife, please make sure the blade is High Carbon Stainless Steel which makes it corrosion-free. 

2.2. Blade Sharpness

Sharpness can make a knife the best fillet knife because if it is not sharp enough to cut through meats and bones, then why even bother buying one? A knife’s blade should be quick enough to slice and fillet fish within a blink precisely. You might not believe it, but a blunt knife can be more dangerous than a sharpened one. Moreover, pointed knives save your effort and time when filleting fish, unlike dull fillet knives.

Learn How to Sharpen a fillet knife

2.3. Retention 

The quality and retention of the blade are the underlying reasons behind the intactness of the filleting knife’s blade sharpness. You definitely don’t want to sharpen your knife every day, and that is where retention proves to be an essential feature for fillet knife blades. German, Japanese, and High carbon steel blades have the most long-lasting sharpness to save your time and effort on sharpening. 

Sharpen your fillet knives and hone them every once in a while. For instance, use a honing rod and a fillet knife sharpener to hone and sharpen the edge. 

2.4. Size and Strength are precious 

The size and strength of the blade will tell you what fish you can fillet with it. 

  • Filleting knives with a blade size of 6 or 7 inches are the best fillet knives for smaller fish. 
  • In contrast, knives with a blade size ranging from 8 to 9 inches are the best fillet knife for big fish. 

Sizes come with strength, you will need bigger filleting knives that are strong enough to slice through those big bosses of the waters. 

2.5. Thickness of Blade

Apart from size, the thickness of the blade also matters a lot because you will need flexible and stiff blades to master the art of filleting and deboning fish. 

  • The thinner the edge, the more flexible it will be and they are ideal for peeling skin and filleting small fish without wasting meat. 
  • Blades with medium thickness are also flexible and as a result, make precise and clean cuts.
  • Knives with thick blades are firm in the center and flex on the tip. A thick knife can be the best fillet knife for cleaning fish as it quickly removes any bone and cartilages from big and small fish.

3. Handle Matters

Filleting with a fillet knife can be troublesome if its handle is slippery. A firm grip and non-slip handle can make your life easy, and such handles are pretty standard in every best filleting knife. Concerning your safety, look for a fillet knife with an ergonomic handle and a trigger grip for your thumb.

4. Portability 

If you love fishing and camping, then certainly you must also love filleting fresh-caught fish, and for that, you will need to carry a filleting knife with you. However, the lightweight of the fillet knives makes them portable, but what about their pointed blade edges? Each best fish fillet knife has a synthetic sheath or a carry bag to make the fillet knife safer to carry.

5. Warranty and Affordability 

A fantastic knife with an additional warranty and outstanding customer service, what more can you ask from it? For example, if a product has a guarantee, it can save your time and money in case of any future inconvenience. We suggest you always prefer the filleting knife with a warranty over the one without it. 

Make your every single penny count, and be sure that a fillet knife actually deserves the price you are paying for it. Although we have collected the ten best fillet knives from dozens of their kind, you can select the one that serves your needs while still being within your budget.

If you are a beginner, learn:


Q1: Are flexible knives better than stiff fillet knives?

We cannot say better overall, but yes, for removing the skin. Flexible knives are primarily meant for skinning and filleting fish, and they absolutely master their job. However, stiffer knives also work brilliantly for filleting but are the best fillet knives for deboning fish. 

Q2: Can I wash my fillet knife in the dishwasher?

If you’re a knife lover, then absolutely not. Washing fillet knives in the dishwasher can ruin the blade, or they might damage other utensils in the washer. The best way to clean a filleting knife is with mild hot soapy water and a sponge. And make sure to keep your hands safe from sharp blades while cleaning the knives. 

Q3: How to sharpen a fillet knife when it gets dull?

You can sharpen a filleting fish knife with sharpening stones and steel. And if you don’t want your fillet knives going poorly dull, we suggest honing it regularly before and after using it. 

Q4: Are electric fillet knives worth it?

Electric fillet knives can be a lifesaver if you’re a professional butcher or fish a lot for your big family; otherwise, you are good with a manual one. If you’re planning to buy an electric knife, get the best electric fish filleting knife, as they waste no time filleting hundreds of big fish.

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In conclusion, we would say whatever the material of your filleting knife is, always remember to wash and dry it as soon as you are done filleting to keep it away from even a pinch of rust. These were the most flawless fillet knives available on the market. So, choose the best fillet knife that is suitable to your needs, either a manual or electric one. The overall best fillet knife is WUSTHOF Classic Fillet Knife, and the best electric option is Bubba Li-ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife. Now you don’t have to ignore your night cravings for fish fillets because filleting will take lesser time than you can think.

Let’s fillet!

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