How to Make The Kitchen Safe for Kids

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Kids should never grow up hating and fearing the kitchen. Truly, the kitchen is one of the greatest rooms in the house to promote parent and child bonding. Instead of acquiring negative experiences and views with the kitchen, why not fill the kitchen with great memories that you all can look back to when you are older. While some people mentioned that the kitchen can never be a place for kids to mess around, others are stating the opposite. Just like any other room in your house, keeping your kitchens safe is really a must because we can never keep kids from running their skittish feet and poking their fingers in whatever holes they can poke their chubby fingers to. Aside from kissing their kids to stop the crying from a minor injury, parents worry often when it comes to sending their child in the hospital because of severe accidents.

It really takes out the fun when anxiety is always looming around. No parent would want to see their kid suffering. To erase all those unwanted anxiety about the kitchen being an unsafe zone for the kids, here are tips that you can follow to lessen the chances of getting your kids into an accident.

  • Safety Gates

Installing a gate in your kitchen doorway does not necessarily mean keeping your children out for good. It is just to keep them away without your supervision. Younger kids tend to disregard any dangerous activities in the kitchen. They don’t really care until they get themselves into trouble. Keeping a safe gate will stop them from entering without any guardians nearby. Also, having a protective gate keeps those curious eyes from becoming too interested.

  • Shelf doors and Drawer locks

It is important for a parent to place doors on shelves and not leave them open for those probing hands. Same goes for drawers; parents should install locks on every spot that your kids can reach. Opening and discovering items is like finding a lost treasure for those kids. Who knows what they might get; they might swing those sharp knives like it’s not dangerous.

  • Electric Dangers

Electrocuting our children is never a pleasant experience for both the child and the parent. To prevent this from happening, electrical outlets must be at all times covered. Today, most houses are already installed with electrical outlets with covers that prevent electrical injuries and some are even automatic in nature, so there is no reason why you should not install one in your house as well.

  • Preventing Burns

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This is truly a common injury that kids acquire in the kitchen. Preventing this from happening may be tricky, but if you keep a keen eye, the likelihood of this occurring would be less. You can start by keeping an eye on children pulling off the table cloths. There is a high chance that the table has a hot object on it and it can possibly fall onto the child. Another thing to consider is the dishwasher; a parent must not forget to lock this all the time to prevent scalding. Also, if you are going to use pots with handles, make sure to face the handles away wherein it’s reachable by the kid. Lastly, just keep an eye on everything that is hot in the place; it’s really all up to the parent to keep an eye on his kid.   

  • Arrange you kitchen with common sense

Who in their right mind would place a knife wherein it is easily accessible by the children? Surely no parent would be too careless to do such a thing and act naïve about a kid’s curious nature. Kids are naturally inquisitive. They engage in whatever that looks interesting to them. When arranging the kitchen, do it with common sense. Keep dangerous object at unreachable spot, use child-friendly appliances, treats must not be placed near any harmful location like the stove, and the like. Any parent would see this as a piece of cake, but don’t be satisfied right away. One must double check on the arrangements before settling because it might be too late.

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