Kitchen Etiquette in Cooking

Cooking is fun because it gives you a chance to become creative. It can also give you a chance to explore and try something new to cook for your family. You try to create different menu using different ingredients. You also see to it that the food you prepare and cook is not only delicious, but also very nutritious.

There are still many things to think about and are worth considering and must really be implemented and practiced to make the kitchen in tip-top shape all the time. There are rules and etiquette that every member of the family must observe and follow. These rules and etiquette will make everyone comfortable as they prepare food.

  • Keep it clean.

The kitchen is a part of every house where the food is prepared and cooked. Whether the kitchen is big and small, it must always be clean and tidy. Everything must be in its proper places. The cooking utensils, glasswares, plates, spoon and forks must have its own place in the kitchen. The cupboards must always be clean. The gas range or oven must also be thoroughly clean and free from any oil spills or other spills that will affect your cooking activities. The refrigerator or freezer must also be clean. Leftover foods which have been freeze or chilled must be removed and discarded to avoid unwanted smells in the refrigerator or freezer.

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  • Give the cook some space. 

While most people consider the kitchen as just a part of their house, some people consider their kitchen a special place in the house. As the cook, you enjoy your privacy in the kitchen because it gives you time to think and sort out what food to prepare and cook. You people consider the kitchen as your private place and that if anybody has no business in the kitchen, they better leave the place. They have to respect the chef or the cook who wants to be left alone in the kitchen as they cook.

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  • Enjoy the experience.

You may not be a good cook, but you can prepare and cook delicious and nutritious food. You enjoy cooking in your kitchen. It may not be a luxurious kitchen, but it has everything that you need to prepare and cook food for the family. As the cook, you can consider yourself the master of the kitchen. You are the boss there and nobody has the right to disturb you. You like to work alone, especially when you are cooking something new to yourself. You want to experiment and try a new menu using the ingredients that you have in the kitchen.

The privacy that you are enjoying in the kitchen can bring out the best in you. It allows you to become more creative in preparing and cooking the best food for your family. On the other hand, if somebody wants to help you, she must do what you want her to do. If you told her to slice it this way, she must slice it the way you want it to be.

  • Stay focused.

While working in the kitchen, you have to concentrate on what you’re doing so that you will not cut your finger or burn your finger. It is also important for you to know what you’re doing so that you will not commit a mistake of using sugar instead of salt or using vinegar instead of soy sauce. Avoid talking, especially when you have nothing important to say.

  • Be organized.

All the kitchen tools and utensils are all arranged well in the kitchen. Anybody who uses these kitchen tools or utensils must clean it well and return it to its proper place. Doing so will not give you a hard time looking for some utensils that some member of the family used.

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Observing and following the kitchen etiquette can make the workflow in the kitchen smooth. It can also maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of the kitchen.

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