8 Jobs for Food Lovers Out There

dream jobs for food lovers

They say, “find a job that suits your passion”. Sometimes, when we finally land on the job that we really wanted, the compensation might not be enough. This leaves us to choose jobs that could only sustain us financially to the point of forgetting the very reason why we want to work in the first place-– practicing what we love doing. Then, sometimes, by some luck, we get the opportunity to achieve the best of both worlds. And lucky for us, there are actually quite a few jobs out there that revolve around food – perfect for those of us who can’t get enough! Here are 8 jobs for food lovers out there:


8 Jobs For Food Lovers Out There:

If you have a passion for food, there are a number of jobs out there that you may be interested in. From cooking to catering, the opportunities are endless. Here are just a few of the many jobs for food lovers out there.

Food Activist

Yes, advocacy does not just apply to social causes. You could also be an activist for food! Your mission is to advocate healthy living and a part of that mission is to fight for foods that are healthy, know the sources of certain foods – how these foods would affect people, and check their sustainability. Visiting companies, fighting for food standards, and checking food nutritional values. Anything worth fighting, for the love of food, fight for it!

Food Historian

Sometimes there are foods that we cannot get over. The aroma of well-blended coffee, the taste of tenderized beef, the aesthetic beauty of vegetable salad, and whatever pleases your appetite, search it out. In this job, you could finally be able to research the food’s specific history as well as its biological, cultural, and social aspects.

Food Scientist

In this type of job, you could work in various fields such as inspection, production, and analysis in the industry. You could also do fieldwork in farms and in other food-related areas, experimentation on food preservatives in the laboratory, researching the pros and cons of certain food and its chemicals, etc. The scope of this job is very wide that one could get a position from processing foods to assuring food qualities.

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Food Stylist

Aesthetically-wise, this job is all about it. Food stylists are very meticulous about how the food is arranged on the plate and on the table. They know that food is more appealing if it is arranged in a delicious manner. You usually see them working hand in hand with food advertisers as they know the best food arrangement angles when being photographed.

food stylist

Food Farming

Wondering where all are these fresh restaurant foods coming from? The people in this job are responsible for it. Some people nowadays opt for a healthier lifestyle and having this job is a big advantage.

Chocolate Explorer

Yes, there is a job for a sweet tooth like you. In this job, you could actually hop from one area to the next to look for the best ingredients in making chocolate and take samples from it. You could also choose to be a ‘Chocolate consultant’ where you are asked about your expertise in different chocolate ingredients, processes, and products.

Do you want to help people and at the same time, and get paid by doing it? Try being a Fortune Cookie Message Writer where you get the opportunity to create inspiring messages and spread positive vibes to random people. Since people do not know and are always curious about what their future might become, you are in demand. Wondering where to get these ‘predicting-the-future’ quotes? Try watching movies.

Fortune Cookie Message Writer

Pet Food Taster

Not so much related to being a food lover. However, if you really need a job, you might want to try this out. Since domestic animals like dogs and cats cannot tell you if they like the taste of what they are eating, it is better than the food you are feeding them is tasted by a human first. This job further requires feeling the food’s texture as well as the odor of the food.

food taster

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There are thousands of different food-related jobs everywhere. If you really want to pursue what you really love then by all means, do it. Sometimes being gritty about what you really love will take you to jobs you never expected has great benefits. Take for example Thomas Erving, a UK nutritionist, who doesn’t know any kitchen whereabouts, but loves roast dinners. He recently won a contest on Facebook and became the Official Roast Dinner Ambassador in the UK. There’s just as much chance for you to become the same as him.

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